” 50 minutes full body workout on a bike “


50 minutes just for you

The first workout that you´ll really enjoy.

welcome to your new favorite workout! boost your physical and mental health and make exercise part of your weekly routine.

ride.bln means highly efficient full body cycling and a lot of fun.

Make it your 50 minutes!

book a bike

bring your best friend.

first ride is on us!

If you want to ride together with your best friend, you can bring them for free, if they are new to ride.bln

your friend simply has to sign up and create a ride.bln account. they can then use the promo-code and their first ride will be on us. all you have to do is come together and have fun!

promo-code: letsride2gether

special for students & azubis

only 15 euros per ride

you are studying or doing an official training? and you are not older than 29 years? send us your student id or a proof of training by email and ride for only 15€ per ride.

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extremely effectively designed for maximum fat burning,
endurance and flexibility.


up to kcal


mins long


up to bpm

train with our rideXperts

our team

questions not answered yet?



what’s a ride?

pure fun and crazy intense! 50 min of a highly effective full body workout to get fit and healthy. absolutely easy on the joints and feasible from beginner to competitive athlete. the dark room, the motivating music and rideXperts, who excite you and take you on an epic journey. a ride is an experience!

i’m a beginner, can i follow along?

absolutely, because you are in charge of the resistance and the weights are available in different sizes. your bike will be set up and explained personally to you at your first ride. and with the special bike shoes you get, you are firm and secure on the bike.

spinning is not for me, why should i try ride?

because ride is pure fun and a real fullbody workout. except for the bike it has nothing to do with spinning. the upper body exercises, the dumbbell part and the music experience are just a few of the differences. when the lights go out, only you and your workout count. you forget everything around you and immerse yourself in a completely new kind of training.

how do i become a rough rider?

experience your ride four times a week. if you ride four or more times between monday morning and sunday evening, we honor you on the rough-rider wall in the studios. and best of all, every fourth ride goes back on your account!

can i really burn 900kcal per ride?

absolutely! the high-intensity interval training will challenge your body and is very effective. of course, you have to be healthy and the amount of calories actually burned depends heavily on your gender, body weight and your chosen resistance.

how often should i ride?

that depends entirely on why you ride. if you want to take a break and get away from it all, sometimes one ride per week is enough. if you want to be more active and leaner, it should be two to three times. and as always, as long as it is good for you and you feel comfortable, there are hardly any limits.

when do i see the first results?

you will feel the first changes after the first two or three rides. it’s a great feeling to have done such an intense workout, it just inspires you and makes you feel proud. then you will notice that you get used to the intensity and after 4-6 weeks you, as well as your friends and colleagues, will see the change. of course, you can enhance the effect by adjusting your diet because your success depends heavily on how and what you eat.

in which langues do you offer rides?

we offer courses in German and in English Check our schedule.

buying rides

i am a student and max. 29 years old. how can i use the discount?

quite simple: send us an e-mail and attach your valid student id. we will add an automatic discount to your ride.bln account. after that you can ride for 15€ each credit.

my company has a corporate deal with you, how can i start?

write us an email (ideally from your company mail account) with your wish ride for the start. we then create an account in the studio and you can buy your rides with the corporate discount. no matter if in cash or with a credit card. you can then reserve your rides conveniently online or with the app.

i have issues with my account.

first, look at the basics: – if you have forgotten your password, click on forgotten password below the login and set a new one. – see if you still have rides on your account to book. – if that does not help, call us or send us an email. we are happy to help you!

i can’t log in.

did you already actively accept the account and set your own password? due to the general data protection regulation, each account created by us must first be accepted by you. only then you can set a password and log in. if you still have problems, please contact us by phone or mail.

no bike booking possible

see if you have enough rides on your account to book. if that’s the case, contact us, we will check your account.

i forgot my password.

on the website below the login, click on forgotten password and set a new one.

can i use my rides in all ride.bln studios?

definitely! each of your rides can be used in every ride.bln studio. ride.feel.good.


how can i book a bike?

online via the ride.bln website or via our app. you sign up online, buy rides and then book the bike you like in the particular ride. first select the studio, then the ride and finally your desired bike.

how early can i book a bike?

you can reserve a bike up to seven days before a ride. as an example you can book on a monday at one minute past 7 o’clock, the ride for next monday at 7 o’clock. and so on and so on….

what are the cancellation rules?

if you want to plan and book up to 7 days in advance to get your favorite bike, you have the option to postpone or cancel up to 12 hours in advance. after that no cancellations will be accepted for your ride.

how do i cancel a booked ride?

when you are on the website or in the app and logged in, click on “my account” in the top right corner and select “my rides”. once you have located the ride you would like to cancel, click on the wheel to the right of it and select “unreserve”.

what if i miss a ride?

if you have booked this ride beforehand, it will be charged to your account.

can i move a ride?

if it ismore than 12h before the ride, cancel your bike as described under “cancel”. otherwise, as long as there are free bikes in other rides, we can book you on the same day in another ride. reach out to us via email or phone to check that possibility.

what happens if i’m too late and the ride started?

if you are too late and the door of the ride room is already closed, we can’t let you in, sorry. but we offer the opportunity to take the next ride on the same day, if there is a free bike. your credit will be charged when coming to late.

is a “walk-in and ride” possible?

we’d love to have you, as long as we have enough time to setup your bike. should you come for the first time to the ride, please be in the studio at least 15 minutes before the ride, so that we can setup your bike properly.

questions surrounding the ride

which products do you carry in the studio? 

our idea is that you only need to bring a shirt and tights or shorts. thus, showers, towels and bike shoes are just as inclusive as shampoo, body wash, conditioner, body lotion and deodorant, hair spray, hair ties and make-up remover.

can i bring my children to the studio?

if they are old enough to spend 50 minutes by themselves, no problem at all. we would very much like to, but can not take over supervision or even liability. free wi-fi is available in all studios should it be a movie or an audiobook for the little ones.

can i ride when i’m pregnant?

first and foremost, talk to your doctor and midwife. if you feel good and have their ok, there shouldn’t be any issues. however, we need a signed form from you that you participate in the ride at your own responsibility. listen to your body and do what feels good.

at what age can you start with rides??

the development of adolescents can be very different. therefore joining a ride is possible from the age of 15, as long as the bike can be safely setup for your height. until the age of 18 we do need a guardians signature on the liability waiver before the first ride.

i am currently injured. can i still ride?

it is absolutely your personal decision. in any case, talk to your doctor and/or physiotherapist and let the team know. take care of yourself and rather do less, than too much. if it is too much, you will usually only feel it when the body comes to rest. therefore, be more than careful. it is not worth it, because of one ride, to strain your own body. relax and when you are fit again, ride with your full power!

is there an app for booking?

yes, and it’s the easiest way to book your next ride. look for ride berlin  in the app or play store. download, log in and book.

is my data secure?

we are completely dsgvo compliant, all data is stored on german servers and no information is passed on to third parties or even sold. as always: ride.feel.good

can you open a studio around the corner from me?

we would love to open many more locations and inspire people with rides. so if you have an exciting property for us or would like to become part of the ride.bln family and want to help us with the expansion, then write us at

ride dictionary

rough rider

ride four times or more in a week and we’ll write you up on the legendary rough-rider wall. we always count from monday morning to sunday evening and every fourth ride is on us! and with each week you stay, your fame and the number next to your name increases. do you accept the challenge?


two rides in one! a whopping 100 minutes of high-intensity interval training on the bike! for the special challenge once in a while…


your smile, your drive and your motivation in one person. our rideXperts turn training sessions into events, intense and effective but with a good mood guarantee!

double xpert-ride

double the energy, double the fun – two rideXperts on stage at the same time. more passion in one ride is not possible!!


the ultimate day challenge. all rides in one day, from morning to evening. two in the morning, one lunch ride and two in the evening. nobody really needs this but this is the challenge for those who want to know where their limit really is.

road rough rider

wanna stay on the rough rider wall but are travelling? no problem! just ride in a cycle studio four times in a week, check in on social media and tag us and voila, your rough rider standing is saved!

feel free to ask. we are here to help!

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