your first ride

welcome to ride.bln

awesome that you want to ride with us! we can’t wait to welcome you in one of our studios.

here is a short guide to follow before you jump on a bike:

create an account

all our rides are booked online or through our app.

to get started, all you need to do is create an account with your details, buy credits and book a ride. you can buy credits one at a time, or in packages.

sign up

what to bring

just bring yourself and your workout clothes. we suggest wearing a shirt or top and tights or shorts, preferably light and breathable. shoes, towels and all beauty products are included.
we recommend eating something light up to 30 minutes before your ride and to stay hydrated throughout the day.

please arrive early

if it’s your first time, please come 20 minutes before your ride so we have plenty of time to show you around and get you ready for ride. the team will provide you with your shoes and help you set up your bike.

please note that if you do not arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before your ride we cannot allow you entry because there won’t be enough time to get you ready. we will give your bike to someone who is waitlisted and at the studio.

if you’re new to ride.bln, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time. we are happy to answer any of your questions.

we were all a new rider once!

opening hours

monday – sunday

 30min before
every ride

till 30min
after every ride