the ride experience

the ride experience

the candles flicker in the darkness, the beat drops and the community cheers – for a moment you forget everything around you, you feel yourself, your goose bumps and the tingling inside you. you just want to go on, want more, just don’t stop!

ride.bln works on the principle “life is too short for boring workouts!“
it’s not just about burning calories, it’s about training as a communal experience to rousing beats in a club atmosphere. ride.bln is both intoxicating and meditative. absolutely unleashing and stands out from the monotony of conventional gym classes already by the atmosphere. a workout for body and mind on the indoorcycling bike.

we are convinced that effective training must be fun and at the same time fit into any daily routine. in your ride you will dance and sprint, laugh and sweat. it not only changes your body, but also your attitude towards life.

the special thing about a ride is the mixture of the spectacular, top trained ridexperts and their music. the range extends from pop, rock and hip-hop to electro and techno or even the best chart songs. each playlist is individually compiled so that club feeling on the bike is guaranteed.