in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Mirko Trilling, Institute of Virology, University of Essen.

the following hygiene concept refers to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute according to the corona regulation of § 2 para. 1 s. 2 and s. 1

This applies to all ride.bln studios:

Studio Mitte
Schützenstr. 70
10117 Berlin
(235 qm)

Studio Charlottenburg
Lietzenburger Str. 86
10719 Berlin
(300 qm)

Studio Prenzlauer Berg
Danziger Str. 30
10435 Berlin
(235 qm)

At TK Ride GmbH, we exclusively offer full body training on an indoor cycling bike with music in all of our ride.bln studios.

Each ride is 50 minutes and trains endurance, strength endurance and core stability. This is performed completely on the stationary bike. The customer shoes  are always clicked in on the bike during a ride and therefore remain in the same place. The training takes place rhythmically to and with music and to the guidance of a trainer, who gives instructions from a distance with a microphone. Due to the voice amplification there is no screaming or singing, and no physical contact.

All studios are only visited by customers who have booked a ride in advance, which means they have a reserved bike that is solely for their use. all customers can be contacted and tracked online at any time through the ride.bln booking system. staff members wear masks at all times and are also tested daily.

we accept any of the following (3G)

– a valid certificate of recovery from covid that is not older than 3 months

– or a vaccination certificate with full vaccinations +14 days

– or a negative covid test from an official testing site

All customers are required to show one of the above to our deskHeros on arrival in the studio.

All customers are required to wear a ffp2 mask unless they reach the bike.

minimum distance

  • Access to our studios is via a separate entrance in the front building and directly accessible from the street, therefore there is no contact to residents.

  • All bikes are aligned in the same direction, so that the exhalation also takes place in the same direction.

hygiene and disinfection

  • Relevant hygiene regulations, in the form of a significantly expanded cleaning and disinfection plan, are adhered to. For this purpose, the time between two rides has been extended from 10 to 20 minutes. Our daily timetable allows for extra cleaning activities to take place between all our rides.

  • All bikes and dumbbells are thoroughly cleaned by our trained staff between the rides with a virucidal disinfectant.

  • Each customer is  provided with a fresh towel during the training. Afterwards, used towels  are washed at 90°C with the addition of antibacterial detergents.

  • Rented shoes are cleaned after each ride with a virucidal clinical disinfectant.


  •  In order to avoid any possible transmission through aerosols, continuous ventilation within the studio is ensured by the use of powerful exhaust air systems. The systems exchange the air within minutes by extracting air and transporting filtered fresh air back into the rooms. This happens before, during and after the rides.

  • In between the rides we purposefully leave the door to the ride room open to provide extra ventilation.

attendance documentation and tracking

  • Necessary customer details are stored by name in our online booking system and are permanently saved in accordance with their attendance. This guarantees a complete attendance reconciliation of all rides and contact to all customers at any time.

  • First name and surname, complete address and telephone number, as well as time and duration of attendance and bike number are stored for at least four weeks after the ride and are protected against inspection by third parties.

  • In addition, the attendance documentation can be handed over to competent authorities at any time upon request.


  • All customers are encouraged to stay home if they feel any symptoms of illness, especially fever, respiratory diseases and loss of taste.

  •  All participants have been informed in advance about the measures taken, compliance with the minimum distance.

  •  Our studio check-in process is completely contactless.


  • Hand disinfection sanitizers are available in all rooms. Additional hand soap is available at the wash basins.

  • Customers are monitored within the studio, access to the ride room and the bikes is permitted only at the beginning of a ride.

  • WC facilities are open and are also regularly ventilated by the ventilation system and cleaned 3 times a day.

  • There are no saunas, steam baths and similar facilities or swimming pools in the studios.


  • The staff are trained to inform customers of the minimum distance in case of non-compliance.

  •  Staff are required to wash their hands regularly with soap and under running water for at least 20 seconds.


  • We do not offer any gastronomic services in our studios.

  • We have installed DoctorBox Beacons in the entrance area as Corona warning system for all studios. As a proactive measure and as an extension of the hygiene concept.Customers are advised to download  the DoctorBox App on their smartphone.